End the Darkness

If someone you love was struggling with Winter Blues, you’d do anything to help. It’s time to do the same for yourself.

Thankfully, in recent years, light therapy research has made many advancements. There is absolutely no reason to suffer from winter blues anymore.

LIFE is just so much better with a little bit of light.

Stop Suffering

Take back control with the Aura Daylight Lamp

  • Doctors and our Customers Love It

    We’re still not sure who is more excited
    by Aura, our users or the researchers.
    What we do know for certain is that
    both groups are witnessing
    never-before-seen results.

  • Made to Last a Long Time

    The Aura Daylight Lamp was built
    with durability for every day use.
    Our lamp is guaranteed for 2 years.
    No questions asked.

  • Features Patented Lux Dial

    The Aura Lamp was designed with a
    patented lux dial so that you can easily
    adjust the light intensity. This is necessary
    to ensure lure your body into a smooth and
    effective start to light therapy.

Not Just for Seasonal Blues

Light is great for everyone

Also used for
  • Pregnancy Related Blues

  • Restore Circadian Rhythm

  • Night Shift Workers

  • Jet Lag

  • Low Energy

And All Around Enhanced Mind and Body Wellness

Light Therapy That Adapts To You!

  • Get Medical Grade Relief
    in the comfort of your home or office

  • Built For Durability
    Built for lasting durability to
    treat your winter blues for years,
    not just months or weeks

  • Light is for Everyone. It's what
    powers your brain and body,
    and releases serotonin
    for energy.

  • Drug Free
    So you can stay sharp
    and alert. Naturally.

  • Adjustable Light Intensity So
    that you can get the perfect
    level of light for your body
    every time.

  • Built in Timer Lets you set your
    treatment time and GO GREEN by
    automatically shutting the lamp off
    when your done! The lamp can be
    set to ten minute intervals from
    60-10 minutes


“ A definitive double-blind study published in 2016 showed light therapy is superior to prozac for treatment of non-seasonal depression which opens vast new opportunities for clinical application. “

Dr. Michael Terman

Professor of Clinical Psychology at Columbia University

Author of “Reset your inner clock”


  • 01

    Set the lamp up at 6-12 inch distance from yourself and at a 45 degree angle

  • 02

    Power it on

  • 03

    Set the timer to your preferred treatment time

  • 04

    Adjust the Lux dial for your most comfortable light intensity setting