Aura EnergyUP Wake Up Light with 10,000 Lux


Get Up on the right side of the Bed

Low on energy? Tired? Moody?
It probably has a lot to do with your sleep patterns and the way you wake up in the morning. EnergyUp was designed and engineered to help you form healthy sleep and wake habits- resulting in higher energy throughout the day.

More Than a Wake Up Light
EnergyUp functions as a light therapy lamp that emits 10,000 lux and mimics natural sunlight
EnergyUp works to gently wake you up in the morning, and keep you in a good mood all day. The light gradually gets brighter for 30 minutes until it reaches full brightness at the wake up time you set.

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  • Wake energized
  • Flexible wakeup features
  • Exact Wavelength Of Sun
  • All in one light therapy solution

Aura Wakeup Light Features

  • Clinical Strength

    Wake up Light +10,000 Lux of Bright Light to help beat the Winter Blues, Circadian Sleep Disorders, Shift Work Adjustment, Jet Lag and Low Energy

    Wake up with Light

    Light intensity increases as the set wake up time is reached.

    Magnetic Stand

    Features a cool magnetic stand for easy placement

  • Mimics Sunlight

    Aura EnergyUP mimics the exact wavelength of sunlight to maximize Serotonin Release

    Wake up with Light + Sound

    Whether you are a light or heavy sleeper the Aura EnergyUp will ensure the most pleasant wakeup experience. Light only wake up or with sound, whatever option works for you!

1 BL50 Wake Up and Energy Light
1 Magnetic Stand
1 AC Adapter


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